April 13- Into the Woods


For my last journal reflection I want to reflect on the last educative experience we had as a class. From the moment Bing introduced his past educative experience to our class of the silent walk, I became curious about the idea. Last class, I got to experience the silent walk. When we started making our way out of the building, I realized how difficult it was going to be not to say anything for the remaining time. At certain times, it was easy to get used to the idea of not talking because no one else was, but it was strange not to be exchanging conversation when so many people surround you. As an introvert, I value and cherish silence. I find that it allows me to observe and listen what other people have to say, which often makes it difficult for me to offer my opinion. However, what stood out for me the most in the walk is how much voice it gave to my inner thoughts. Usually, when I take a walk in the woods it will be with somebody else, so it was interesting to see how silence is acceptable in specific environments. Even hikers, or cyclists who walked past us could not help but notice our silence. Accepting silence in a different setting for me was a good opportunity to both meditate and reflect. Even though I tried to keep my mind on the walk, it was difficult not to think about other events that occur in my life. For example, stressing out a little bit about my final exams. It is interesting to experience the power of silence. Especially when it is given to you for a long period of time. This made me realize how little time I give to myself to experience silence for a prolonged period of time. I feel like silence is a component that gets overlooked, and needs to be covered up with noise or music. I cannot describe in enough detail how much I realized about myself as a person in just a brief period of time in class. It is interesting to hear my inner voice make observations of trees, and gets carried away into deeper and deeper thoughts. Overall, I came to the realization of how valuable silent walks are for physical, emotional, and mental health. By giving the self quiet time it is amazing and a new experience to feel independence. In relation to the quote we read, “be prepared to leave your family, your wife and your children to go on a walk”. From this ambiguous quote, I interpreted it as experiencing independence and an experience that takes you on an inner journey. One that others cannot identically experience, and one that is uniquely your own experience.


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