April 8th- The different perspectives on student-centered education


This week I came across an article that discusses the topic of student-centered education for my i-search. From past experiences researching student-centered education I find that author of this article, Luba Vangelova, takes a more drastic approach in student-centered education than most educators. Like most student-centered educators, Vangelova’s core beliefs is that schools should be an environment that supports the dreams of students, and helps students achieve these goals. However, what is interesting to me is how much he questions the curriculum’s utility in student education. He, in turn, proposes the idea that student interests should be a central concern in education and should shape their curriculum. He strives for an education that offers “children autonomy, trust that they want to learn, and let them become owners of their own enterprise”. As a future teacher, I hope to take part on a student-centered education; however, it makes me curious about how the structure of schools and education would look like if education assumed the student-centered education Vangelo discusses. Since it is a system that is different to our own, it is hard to imagine or picture how this system would be adopted. I think my fear regarding such a different system stems from how incomprehensible it appears, as we are currently implemented to a seemingly different system. I agree with Vangelo’s belief regarding a shift for students taking ownership over their learning. However, it makes me inquire how permissive or non-permissive the system would become. Although Vangelo’s “ideal” system raises a lot of questions and concerns, I would not altogether dismiss the potentiality it has to offer. Instead, I think we should consider and explore the different opinions people have to offer in order to craft an education that is most suitable for our future generations.


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